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January 2012

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Love Trip [me,my friends,yoochun,yunho,jaejoong]

LOVE TRIP part 1


Raewoo had a crush to her everlasting classmate, yoochun since she was in 8th grade. They always in a same school until now they are already a college student. Even they choose a same subject, art & music.


They was unseparatable. Whenever she go, yoochun always with her. Somehow, raewoo felt that yoochun hasn’t feel her love.


And little did she know. Yoochun already had a crush to someone. He always talk about his cutie pie which yoochun never mentioned her name. and it was very hurt for raewoo.


And too bad.. she doesn’t recognize. That girl was her.


“okay class! As I said before. We gonna had a field trip in 3 days to Tokyo. I already gave you the list what should you bring right?”


Everyone nodded


“okay, now let me arrange the group”

Inside her hearts raewoo was making a wish. Wish to be in the same group with her beloved yoochun. One thing she doesn’t know. Yoochun made a same wish.


“the last group. The 5th. is.. yunho, yoochun. jaejoong. dongsoo, raewoo,and hyoae”

The teacher announced


Both yoochun and raewoo jumped happily inside their hearts.


“YEAY! we’re in the same group” shouted the loud maknae, hyoae


“yah yah.. you’re not happy because of us.. you happy because..”


dongsoo and raewoo said in unison


“you was in the same group as your hubby yunnie!! hahaha”


Both of them laugh like there’s no tomorrow and hyoae just could hanging her head low, blushing.


“it’s good then, right baby?” out of nowhere, yunho hugged hyoae from behind which made hyoae more red than before


“you’re not happy to be in the same group as me soo?” jae sat beside her lover with pout


“oow.. it’s not like that jaejoongie.. I just want to tease our little maknae”


“little my ass” yoochun, like a ghost sat beside raewoo. you could see her smile hide xp


how she hope that she and yoochun could be like those 2 couple..


“isn’t too harsh yoochun ah??” raewoo punch his arm


“owie.. that’s hurt wooby”


both of them laugh

leaving the 2couple frowning and leave rae-chun alone



“yah.. did you feel something odd with this couple?” asked jaejoong


“i don’t know. but as i know. our yoochun has a feelings towards her” blurted yunho


dongsoo and hyoae were widened their eyes.


“what is it love?” yunho asked to hyoae


“are you sure that yoochun.. has a feelings to rae?”


“yeah.. he told me”


“it means they have a chance” dongsoo pointed out


“chance? what chance?” asked the confused jaejoong


dongsoo gave him aloud sigh


“are you too idiot to see how they stare to each other jae??” dongsoo rolled her eyes


“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” jae was scream like a girl who knew a new gossips


“oh my.. jae.. please not squeal.. you looks like girl with..” she hasn’t finished her words when she saw jae walk away, stomped his foot towards the hallway.


“jae.. joongie honey..” dongsoo called hom with her sweet voice which makes jae turn his direction to his lover with big smile plastered on his pretty face.


“actually.. who’s the boy on this relationship” dongsoo said under her breath


yun-ae just could shook their heads

“yunho.. could you help me with something for them?” hyoae asked her big handsome bear


“how?” he tapped her nose, hyoae smirked


“unforgettable moment wouldn’t hurt right?”


yunho saw the smirk and he hug her waist


“naughty baby of mine”


and it earns a lightly smack on his head