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January 2012

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Love Trip [me,my friends,yoochun,yunho,jaejoong]

LOVE TRIP part 2


today is the first day of field in trip in Tokyo. they were went to the

airport with yunho's van. as they reach the airport, they quickly went to

the passport and ticket pass and headed to the plane.


at the plane, the mushy couple yun-ae were sat together. and jae-soo

sat in the next row beside yun-ae. leaving rae-chun smile secretly as

they know, for the rest 2,5 hours they will be sat together.


in the middle of flight, hyoae was fallen asleep on her bear warm hug,

and hae-soo were on their own ipod world. meanwhile, yoochun was

stared in awe to the scenery under the plane through the window.


suddenly, he felt something heavy fell right to his left shoulder. he turn

to his left side to see raewoo was sleeping peacefully. see the cute

face on his shoulder, yoochun smile a bit and took the blanket in front

of his seat. covering raewoo so she won't get cold and put a pillow

under her head. yoochun just couldn't help but giggled a bit and took

her sleeping picture by his camera.


-1 hour later-

"ladies and gentlemen. we already arrive at Narita International Airport.

we're gonna landed in 15 minutes. please wear your safety belt."


yunho were busy waking up his hyoae which when she fell asleep, it's

really difficult to wake her up.

jaejoong and dongsoo were yawning and stretching their bodies.

while yoochun have a problem how to waking up raewoo. he doesn't

bear to disturb her sleep.

'yah park yoochun.. is it too difficult to waking up her? just shook her

body and call her name' he shouted on his mind.


yoochun shook raewoo body.


"yah.. wooby.. wake up! we already arrive in Tokyo"


"huh?" raewoo rubbed her eyes cutely


'oh man.. not in front of me please..' yoochun cursed on his mind



raewoo woke up and she realize that her body was covered with

blanket and under her head there was a pillow. she smile


"yoochun.. did you put all this?" she asked yoochun with a bit blush on

her cheeks


"umm.. yaeh.. so you won't get cold and err.. so you won't hurt your

neck" he asked her startled, rubbed back of his head


'how cute..' both of them said in [again] their minds




"wooahh! are you sure we gonna spend our field trip sleep here?"

hyoae like a kids shouted and ran all the way to the Okura Hotel in



"yup! here we gonna sleep. just pick your room, there's 300 rooms and

we're gonna use 200 for all the student. each room filled with 3

students. got it?! and.. they who have couple, lovers, or whatever you


their teacher Mr. Lee shouted with happy smile. lonely ajussi..


and it makes most of all students yell in disagree.


"NO WAY! i want to sleep next to my hyoae!" yunho whined with a pout


"wait for 5 more years sweety.." hyoae winked to him as she,dongsoo

and raewoo heading to their room.


and as their boys request. their room will be next to each other.



[girls room]


"hmm.. nice view here.." raewoo walked to the balcony, take a deep



and the rest of dongsoo and hyoae followed her.


"rae, we gonna ask you something" said dongsoo


"hmm? shoot"


hyoae take the roll "onni, did you really like yoochun hyung?" hyoae

never  calls her older friends as oppa. it's too girly she said.


raewoo widened her eyes. and she felt that she almost jump down from

this 30 stories building.


"yah.. how could you made an opinion like that? of course not" raewoo

said it, but she startled. made both of her dongsaeng smirked


"denial is an approval. you forgot that?" taesed dongsoo




[boys room]


the boys were fight to each other . which one will sleep on bed, since

there was 2 bed and a big sofa.


as the leader yunho have an idea.


"yah! okay.. what a about we play paper,rock,and scissor to have the

winner of this damn bed?"


both of jaejoong and yoochun frowned "what kind of leader are you?"


[i don't have an idea what kind of fight it is]


in 15 minutes they get the winner. both yoochun and yunho sleep in

bed while jaejoong sleep in sofa. [haha just like AADBSK3]


and suddenly, jaejoong blurted something that made yoochun gonna

choke on his own shoes


"are you really like raewoo?"


"yah what kind of  question is that?"


"yah just answer it buddy" whined yunho


"okay okay.."


in a same time, both of raewoo and yoochun said


"yes i am"


with a blush and shyly smile plastered on their cheeks